Design is a world full of coincidencies, here there is a comparative of two logos, one designed by Xabier Salaberria in 2006 for my publishing project Coop or Co-op and below the Mobil logo from the 60's by the famous design firm headed by Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar specializing in identity and brand design. The point of all that it's that the first one wasn't aware of its predecesor. Or not at least conscioussly. Going further, could we do a link with the concentrical circles of The Archers' logo? This post might serve as an anouncement of the next co-op book to be released soon devoted to the work of artist and designer Xabier Salaberria.


The Archers Manifesto

Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger logo for The Archers.
Here some of their films I love and admire together with the "The Red Shoes" and "The Tales of Hoffmann" and Powell's "Peeping Tom". Because its complexity, its eliptical and non-conventional narrative forms, their formalism, technical hability and seach for the artistic truth, its strategies of de-narrativation, their fantasy, because the psicoanalitical approach of their plots, because their feminist portraits of woman and because they use to flicker with time and space capsules, because this was a kind of film about prevision, because they were engaged with the "why we fight" reasons of the Second World War and more. Long Life to their Legacy!!!